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Kitchen Remodel in Boston MA | Premium Kitchen Remodels in Boston

With an excellent reputation for premium kitchen makeovers homeowners in Boston love, Kitchen Remodel in Boston is your trusted and reliable partner and remodeling expert. With over 25 years of experience in the business, we have refined and mastered the art of kitchen remodel and understand what best fits you and your family. We are top-rated kitchen remodelers in Boston with a track record of stunning designs, superior construction, and perfect installation of quality kitchen remodels.

With extensive expertise in the industry, Kitchen Remodel in Boston offers clients a more professional and personalized approach to business. As a locally owned and operated business, we stand for American-owned and made kitchens. Our team of professional remodelers can build your ideal kitchen well-on time and within the budget.

Our expert designers and builders can work on any kitchen makeover project seamlessly and with precision. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our company, team, and services.

Our Kitchen Remodel Process

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA

At Kitchen Remodel in Boston, we tailored an easy and efficient kitchen remodeling process to provide the best kitchen remodeling experience in Boston.

We take the time to meet with you and learn about your goals and requirements, which will help us tailor a service ideal for your needs.

Our team visits your home to know your space and the best results for your project. We will discuss kitchen designs, layouts, floorplans, fittings, fixtures, colors, finishes and set a suitable budget and timeline for you.

Depending on the requirements for your kitchen makeover project, our licensed and certified designers will create the best floor plan, design, fittings, fixtures, and sample selections for your new kitchen. We will make sure that all of your ideas will be incorporated into your new kitchen design.

Once you approve the design, we will offer you an accurate and detailed quote to deliver your dream kitchen into life.

Our builders will start with the construction of your new kitchen once you approve the final quotation and sign the contract. We utilize quality materials and state-of-the-art technology in building beautiful and functional kitchens.

Our kitchen experts will oversee your entire project, from start to finish, communicating with you and our team to make sure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

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Kitchen Remodel in Boston has established a strong reputation in providing comprehensive kitchen remodeling solutions in Boston. We will guide you throughout the entire process, from the initial meeting to completion, helping you to accomplish the best result for your kitchen makeover project. We can provide you with expert advice and recommend the best solution for your kitchen transformation.

We completely understand why for many people, the kitchen is the heart of their home. Creating a cleverly designed, functional, and purposeful space is our primary goal. We are dedicated to understanding you, your needs, your lifestyle, and how you use your kitchen. Then, we use this knowledge and our expertise to plan, design, construct and install your brand new kitchen. We are known in the kitchen remodeling industry for our stunning kitchen design and superior workmanship. So you can be assured that your kitchen is in good hands with Kitchen Remodel in Boston.

We understand that choosing the design for your new kitchen can be daunting and time-consuming. Our friendly experts are pleased to help you in making decisions throughout the entire process to ensure you achieve the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

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What We Do

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We install a variety of kitchen remodel in the most efficient and safest way.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We offer the most elegant kitchen designs to bring more life to your space and exceed your expectations.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


Provide more storage space in your kitchen without compromising on design with our stunning kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


Upgrade your kitchen with the latest and most efficient kitchen equipment. Our experts will help you choose the best kitchen equipment for your space.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We have a variety of kitchen supplies with different models and styles to complete your kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We appropriately install lighting fixtures to ensure your kitchen area is bright, safe, and beautiful.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We offer the most efficient and speedy paint services for the kitchen in Boston at an affordable price.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We supply and install an extensive range of flooring materials ideal for kitchens that suit your taste and budget.

Why Choose Us

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA

Kitchen Design

We provide a wide variety of styles, designs, and themes that will leave you satisfied with the final product.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

We offer affordable services without compromising quality, and we ensure that all materials supplied are of superior quality.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA

Efficient Services

We understand the disruption that a kitchen remodel can cause to your home and family, but we will work closely with you to ensure a speedy and efficient process.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA

Professional Team

Our expert designers and builders can thoroughly work on any type of kitchen makeover project seamlessly and with precision.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA


We use only high-quality materials from reliable supplies and manufacturers to complete your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodel Boston MA

Customized Kitchen

We understand that every client is different; therefore, we will make sure you get the kitchen you imagine from design and style to finish.

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FAQs about Planning and Completing a Kitchen Remodel in Boston, MA

Most homeowners spend between $24,000-$35,000 for a basic remodel. This price range is enough for a new sink, countertops, a tile backsplash, and new colors on your walls. If your kitchen is small, you can also install new stock cabinets. A mid-range kitchen remodel would cost you over $36,000. A high-end kitchen remodel in Boston usually starts at $74,000.

In Boston, gutting a kitchen typically costs $100 per square foot.

The cost depends on the size of your kitchen; however, you can expect to pay about $300 per square foot. This price already includes your expenses for the finishes.

It is difficult to provide a figure since the prices of materials often fluctuate. However, suppose you want to have Granite countertops in your kitchen. In that case, you have to prepare at least $2,000 to $4,000 for the material and installation.

Hiring an interior designer is not mandatory for a renovation. However, homeowners can save more time and possibly more money when hiring a designer. The services of an interior designer often result in faster turnarounds and better space planning.

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